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MOSAERO - Expedition center

About us

We are very glad to welcome our guests, travelers and adventurers on our website.

Mosaero expedition center, based in Moscow, has started its international travel activities since 1994. Originally we were working mostly only with China region, organizing tourist groups.
We have started leading overland expeditions for Russian adventurers and for foreign enthusiasts to Russian Federation since 2002. Would be curious to mention here, that one of our first expeditions organized resulted in 100 series movie, filmed by Harbin TV company Kind neighbors. Till today we continue searching and exploring new continents and new cultures of our enormous and very diverse planet.
In 2009 we also opened a new tourist destination Sicily in Italy for those who want to plunge into world of ancient culture and architecture and depict new images on their easels.

We invite you

  • Visa
  • Accommodation
  • 4WD tours (including Tibet and Nepal)

  • Sicily, Italy
  • Gourmet tour

  • Relax tour
  • Beauty and youth

  • Expeditions:
  • Expeditions and rally escort on the territory of Russian Federation and neighboring countries;
  • Organization of automobile expeditions to new continents and cultures;
  • Design of the new and extreme itineraries for rallies and expeditions.

  • Our mission

    What we can:

  • Organize and plan expedition from idea till equipment of the vehicle;
  • Prepare necessary documents for the journey (visas, permission letters and agreements);
  • Escort expedition with our vehicles, provide interpreters and support along the route;
  • Advice and consult about the places and regions we have been to and where we have reliable partners;
  • Create and work out extraordinary routes that would be interesting and fascinating for you and your team;
  • Collect information about the route and cartographic data.

  • How are we different:

    There is always not enough experience and knowledge, thus we permanently organize our own private trips to check on new itineraries and places;
    We ourselves are extremely fond of travelling.

Our trophies

30th March 2012 10th April 2012

Autotour in Australia in 12 days

24th March 2012 16th April 2012

Australia autotour in 22 days

25th March 2012 10th April 2012

Australia autotour in 17 days (including Tasmania)

Spring 2012

South America trip


Tour of beauty and youth


Gourmet tour


Relax tour